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The most commonly asked about areas of concern are:

* Box gutter or roof sheets leak with heavy rain.

* Doors & windows not closing or locking correctly.

* Dwarf walls have moved and floor has cracked.

* Lead flashing has detached from the wall.

* Lead flashing is leaking.

* Ridge bar leaks in heavy rain.

* Roof is sagging or the ridge is not level.

* Roof sheets have discoloured.

* Roof sheets have holes in the top layer.

* Roof sheets have slipped.

* Sheet end capping has fallen off into gutters.


We operate mostly in the following areas:




West Midlands MRRBFLETCHER idlands

Nearby areas:

We recycle all our waste:

Makes and models of older conservatories on which we work, regularly include:

AGL, Amdega, Baco, Highlife, Room 2000, Tower, Wessex.

See our map:

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   Our Services Include: